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Hedron EMF EMR Body Shield Sticker radiation reducer protection shungite device

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About the Product
  • The Hedron Body Shield - Full EMF/EMR and Geopathic Stress Zone protection no matter where you are.
  • Protection from: WiFi, Cell Towers, Electric Wires, Electrical Devices, Tablets, Computers, Grid Lines and more.
  • Patented Earth Resonance (7.83Hz) Infusion, plus premium mineral Shungite for BioField enhancement.
  • Protective range is 2-3 feet around the body depending on body size. Protect yourself 24/7.

Product Description

The Ultimate Body Guard Against EMF/EMR For Full Protection 24/7!


This Shield Has Been Proven to Protect User From: - Electro Magnetic Radiation from Cordless Phones, Notebook/Desktop Computers, WiFi, TVs, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Microwaves, Blenders, etc.
- High Tension Electrical Wires and Cell Phone Towers. 
- Harmful Geopathic Stress Zones (proven to be a major source for health imbalance leading to disease).


Electronics Are An Integral Part of Humanity

We must find ways to utilize and enjoy our electronics without harm. It is time to ensure protection from the countless health imbalances encountered on a continuous basis. The Hedron Body Shield does just that.


Key Features:

- No more having to wear your device around your neck! Now you have the versatility of putting it in a purse, pocket, or even tuck discreetly into a bra or sock. 
- Added benefit of Premium Shungite, an ancient mineral containing "FULLERENES", powerful Nobel Prize winning antioxidants! 
- The secret to how it works is in the Earth Resonance of 7.83Hz. Our Patented infusion into a very specific crystalline matrix allows for this small device to hold this highly beneficial frequency for your body. Turning detrimental frequencies into harmonizing frequencies for the human BioField.
Congratulations on taking your health to an all new level! Make sure your kids are protected! Schools are high EMF zones.

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