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Hedron Harmonizer for Larger Electronic Devices EMF EMR Shield radiation protection Sticker

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Everything you love about our Hedron Device Harmonizer but now designed for devices larger than a cell phone! At last you can protect devices such as your laptops, desktops, Wi-Fi equipment, kitchen appliances, and more with ONE Harmonizer! Sleep easier knowing that your entire family is protected!


Learn About The Hedron EMF Shield


Uncover The Hidden Truth Behind Cell Phone Radiation…

And Learn How To Protect Yourself and Your Children



The Information That’s Been Hidden From You

It is a proven fact that wireless technology (a necessity in today’s advancing world) exposes us to and increasingly alarming slew of health hazards. We tend to wipe these hazards under the rug since no one wants to give up their smart phones and the like. But the facts speak for themselves. We now have concrete evidence that a 30 second cell phone call can disrupt and weaken every cell of the body for up to 18 hours! Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMF) is the plague of the 21st century, much like cigarettes were last century. Protecting yourself and especially your children (our future) is not an option, but an urgent necessity.

Get The Facts

The latest studies confirm what the cellular phone corporations do not want you to know. Even casual use of a cellular phone can damage the DNA in sensitive areas of your brain. A landmark study conducted by Dr. Henry Lai of the University of Washington showed that even at low levels, exposure to EMFs cause DNA damage to brain cells resulting in loss of short and long-term memory and slower learning. He further noted the DNA damages to be cumulative over time.

A study done at Penn State University concluded the EMF exposure caused a cascade of microbial destruction in the body. The damage takes place between .024-.0024 W/kg which is much lower than any electronic device. Unfortunately ear pieces do not help your EMF exposure either. They are shown to act as ‘conduits’ to funnel as much as 3 times the harmful radiation to your brain.

What worries our Doctors the most about increasingly harmful and more powerful EMFs is the exponential damage it has on young brains and bodies.

Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health, State University of New York states that “30% of all childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure”.

A new review of studies on cell phone radiation health risks has been published by L. Lloyd Morgan, senior science fellow at Environmental Health Trust, in the Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure. The review highlights findings on radiation effects on children and unborn babies. There have been numerous studies showing that the bone marrow of children absorbs 10 times more EMR than that of adults. “There are toys being sold to infants and toddlers that are dangerous,” Morgan says. “The risk from exposure to any carcinogen is higher in children, and the younger the child, the higher the risk.”

Stop Right There!

I Have Something Very Important To Tell You. Keep Reading…

The review authors point out that Belgium, France, India “and other technologically sophisticated governments” are passing laws and/or issuing warnings about children’s use of wireless devices—and yet the EMR exposure limits in the US have remained unchanged since 1996. They also note that smartphone makers specify in their manuals (although it’s usually buried in the manuals in small print that people rarely read) that their products must be kept at a minimum distance from the body so that legal limits for exposure to EMR aren’t exceeded (the minimum distance from the body is 20 cm or 7.8 inches).

So what about you? Have you been feeling the accumulative effects of EMF without recognizing it like most people are? Do you wake up groggy, foggy, and slightly non-motivated? Do you feel the need for stimulants such as caffeine or sugar to get you through your day? Is EXHAUSTING a part of the vocabulary used to describe your life? Almost as if someone turned down the dimmer switch to your life? These are some of the early warning signs that your body is being bombarded and overworked by too much Electro Magnetic Radiation. You may already be in the second phase which includes headaches, dizziness, fatigue, chronic colds, a lowered immune system, and even muscle aches and pains. These symptoms should not be ignored. EMF is a contributing factor to all health concerns, and the effects will continue to accumulate over time.

We state again, decreasing your EMF exposure is not an option. It is a necessity. But finding a proven effective, doctor approved way to dramatically decrease exposure has been out of reach for all but the wealthiest among us. Why? Because until now devices used to block harmful EMFs were highly costly and extremely hard to come by.

That is until now! With the release of the Patented World Breakthrough Technology EMF Shield, everyone can be safe again. Why expose yourself to these ever increasing levels of radiation if you don’t have to? You can have protection delivered right to your door and with no risk to you at all!

Introducing The Hedron EMF Shield

The Hedron EMF Shield is a 1 inch by 1 inch EMF Protective Device that is placed on the back of your electronic devices to change the harmful EMF frequencies into beneficial frequencies. It is comprised of 12 specific harmonizing minerals and is ‘impregnated’ with a frequency called Scalar Energy, which matches the earth’s beneficial frequency of 7.83 Hz. This frequency is also called Schumann’s Resonance, the most highly beneficial frequency on the planet.

Hedron EMF Shield

See what Real Customers Are Saying About The Hedron EMF Protective Shield

Breathing Easier Knowing I’m Protected! I was given the Hedron EMF Shield as a gift and am thrilled that I now have piece of mind knowing that I am protected (along with anyone near me, namely my 5 month old nephew) from the EMFs being created by my cellular phone. I plan to purchase a few more in the near future to take care of my computer and other electronics that are used on a regular basis. We are just so bombarded by EMFs … I’m just glad that we now have a shield! — Auntie Heather x2

So grateful for this shield. No more headaches when I have to (reluctantly) talk on my phone. My kids all have iPods with this shield as well so I feel like I don’t have to worry about their EMF exposure anymore. My phone used to heat up when I charged it and that is gone now too. Amazing device. — Antoinette

The more I research Emf and it’s potential health implications, the more I’m glad I have piece of mind for me and my family. I heard about The quality of Hedron and feel like are better protected. — Erik B

Awesome Product and must have it! Love this researched shield. I knew I wanted an EMF shield but navigating all the products is so confusing. I was excited to find one that was truly researched by health practitioners who care about health & wellness. Plus, it blocks heat which is great b/c my iPhone doesn’t get hot when I have it plugged in anymore. — R. Sunshine



6 More Things You'll Love About The Hedron EMF Shield

  • The slim, securely affixed, and lightweight design that can be placed directly on the electronic device itself, or on the outside of your case with the same effect
  • The durable waterproof construction
  • The included 5 year Warranty
  • The most complete EMF protection available
  • The many certifications, proven research and scientific studies, and patent
  • One shield lasts the entire life of your electronic device


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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You Must Act Now to receive our BONUS 5 Year Warranty. This offer is only available on a quantity basis.

The Hedron EMF Shield assures your cell phone and other electronic devices are not robbing you and your children of essential life force energy, and cellular health. Now, more than ever before, EMF protection is not only important, it is essential for your continued health and wellbeing.


  • Most likely you have been using a smart phone, or any other device that picks up wifi and gives off heat emmissions and electromagnetic frequencies or radiation (EMF/EMR) for many years now. You have also probably wondered intuitively about their health concerns. We put these devices in our pockets, hold them for hours on our laps, and sometimes even sleep near them.
  • If you or your child is suffering with any of the common symptoms of EMF exposure such as headaches, chronic colds and flus, digestive disorders, sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety, fatigue, memory loss, brain fog, dizziness, etc; one place to start is with using Hedron's Patented Scalar Protection and Shielding Technology Device ™. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much this little extra piece will enhance your life.
  • Dr. David Carpenter (Dean at the School of Public Health State U of NY) says 30% of all childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure. Doctors from the UK have issued warnings urging kids under 16 not to use cell phones. Its time to change this problem. With Hedron, right away you'll discover a minimum of 80% decrease in the heat coming from your devices. With continued use, you will also notice a decrease in the EMF emission symptoms you had been experiencing.
  • This slim and lightweight addition can be placed directly on the device itself, or on the outside of your case with similar effect. Our Patented Protection is the most tested and proven product of its kind in the world. While many similar products from different countries encounter problems of signal reduction and tonal quality, Hedron not only harmonizes radiation (by a proven 99.95%) and reduces heat (by over 80%), but does not interfere with your calls or device efficiency.

Product Description


When you purchase Hedron Life Source's Patented Device today, here's what you should do:

As soon as it arrives at your door,

open it right away to start receiving the benefits. Remove the chip from its packaging and read over the information and directions. Admire the sturdy technology and rich design. You have in your hand the world's most tested and proven Doctor approved product of its kind. Notice the certifications, scientific tests, and studies. Place and use your new chip as directed. Notice your head and body do not heat up and are free of tingling and other EMF sensations when using your device.

What Separates Hedron From the Others?

- It starts with our International Test Reports and Certificates. These include but are not limited to: The California Institute of Electronics and Materials Science (CIEMS) Report, The Saveetha Medical College and University Study, The Kirlian GCV Camera all organs study and clinical report, The Aparajit Instruments test report, The Centre for BioField Sciences test report. The conclusion? Hedron is the best EMF Radiation Protection Device currently available.

Important Information

This product can and should be used on any radiation/emf emitting device. Our Doctors recommend using 2 or more on any device larger than a mobile phone. Desktop computers, laptops, kindle's, iPads, cell phones, hand helds, microwaves, refrigerators, gaming devices, TVs, etc.

The Hedron EMF Shield is comprised of 12 specific harmonizing minerals and is 'impregnated' with a frequency called Scalar Energy, which matches the earth's beneficial frequency of 7.83 Hz. This frequency is also called Schumann's Resonance, a highly beneficial frequency.

Clean and dry your electronic device before adhering the Hedron EMF balancer. Remove backing and place firmly on your electronic device where desired.

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